One of our AwesomeTravelr’s (Christelle Coetzee) who we just sent to New Zealand for her second program is doing very well and secured herself a pastry job in Auckland, New Zealand. We sent her to the Ritz Carlton on her first program. She still had the traveling bug and so she chose to do another program.


Hi there Chris

How are things going at your end?

I am just checking in with an update on what is happening here.
So much has happened and I am so extremely excited! I found a job as a junior baker!!! I couldn’t find motivation to find a F&B job, which is a bad sign for me, and then did some introspection. Loooong story short, I decided that if ever there was going to be a country and a possibility for me to find a job as a pastry chef/baker to gain work experience (since I only have culinary training and no actual work experience as a pastry chef), it would be right here, right now in New Zealand! So I went for it, and because I was motivated I found a job within a week. I am working as junior baker for a company called HIP Group. They own a few restaurants and they have a central bakery that bakes all the breads and pastries (like croissants, danishes etc). And I get to work there ūüôā I have already started and everyone I work with is really cool. I have so much to learn though!!! Luckily everyone is willing to be a teacher for me. I work night shifts, 10 pm to 6am when all the breads are produced and I am enjoying it a lot. I get to see Auckland like not many people can, at night and quiet. I am loving all of the lights.

On Sunday I also found a room to rent in a house and can move in on Monday. This year is going to be tough but AWESOME.

That is all from this end.

Thank you for this opportunity, I intend to make the most of it.

Have a wonderful day.

Kind regards,

Christelle Coetzee