A Happy Awesometravelr( Christiaan Jansen) who just returned from the Little Nell in Aspen.


Hi there, Yetunde

I would like to let you and everyone at Awesome know that I (also Marcus and Henrico) made it back to SA safely. I apologize for only letting you know now, but its just been a mad-house ever since I got back!

The trip was as smooth as can be. We can consider ourselves lucky, seeing as we were able to get out of Colorado just before a blizzard hit.

Now, back in SA, life continues. I want to thank each and everyone one involved in the planning of my time in Aspen. Especially you, Yetunde. It is often said, but this was indeed a life changing experience for which I will always be grateful.

Thanks again. Until next time.

Christiaan Jansen