Students are able to work in almost any job (legally of course) and anywhere in the United States. You have 2 different options when it comes to getting work in the United States. You can source your own employment (non placement option) or our International partner has a number of seasonal employers who hire high volumes of staff during certain seasons of the year (full placement option). Most of these employers are looking for students to work in entry level positions in hotels, ski towns etc…

As a full time student you are eligible to work in the United States for the length of your end of year university holidays or a maximum of 2.5 months. After students finish their work commitment, the program allows and encourages program participants to have an optional travel period to see the United States first hand.

  1. Applicants should be between the ages of 19 and 29.
  2. A current full time student at any registered tertiary institute studying a degree and returning back to South Africa to complete their studies.
  3. Students who are in the their final year of studies are not unfortunately eligible for the Work and Travel visa unless you are intending on furthering studies and can provide proof of such.

How long can I stay?
Maximum 3.5 months.- 2.5 months to work and 1 month to travel

Which nationalities can apply?
South African passport holders (Other African countries can also apply, however restrictions apply).

Does the visa allow multiple entries?

Where can I work?
Anywhere in the United States

19-29 (inclusive at time of visa application).

What support funds do I need?
Min $400

Can I bring my children?

Can I bring my partner?
Only if your partner is also applying and they are successful with their application.

How much does the visa cost?

How many visas can I have in my lifetime?
Multiple as long as you still meet the requirements.


Price is available on request


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