Happy AwesomeTravelr- Broadmoor USA

Happy AwesomeTravelr- Broadmoor USA

A Happy AwesomeTraveller (Gololesego Dithebe) who just returned from the Broadmoor! Golo
Greetings Miss Caroline

I trust that you have been doing well, since we last communicated.

It has been a little over a month since I’ve been back in the country; getting my circadian rhythm was a little challenging in the beginning, but I am now back to my old self again!

I had wished to take a moment to thank you for the lifetime experience, extended to us by you and your team.
My journey at the Broadmoor was paved with “highs and lows” like everything in life, but I certainly tried to make the very best of every moment.
Prior to me embarking on my Broadmoor stint, I had a goal that I’d wished to accomplish; that was to grow on both a personal and professional level.
I am glad to report back to you that skills were honed, the beautiful country was certainly enjoyed and lifetime friendships were created.

On October 5th, I started with my new job at the Saxon Hotel and it has been an amazing journey thus far! It certainly is an establishment in which one can grow and I am most definitely excited for the journey ahead.

All in all…thank you, thank you and thank you!!

Best regards