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My extraordinary life changing journey at The Broadmoor Hotel.

It all began with emails and a series of interviews which led to my dream of working abroad come true. I am forever thankful to Awesome Travel, SAYX,Ubuntu, CIEE and The Broadmoor Hotel for making it all possible.

My journey at The Broadmoor Hotel has been a great one for the past five months. I am forever thankful to Junior Sous Chef David Ortega whose warm welcome made it easy for me to adapt easily and enjoy coming to work everyday . I have been working at The Broadmoor Hotel main kitchen pantry Room-service and Hotel Bar. I have tremendously grown and learn a lot thanks to Shuvesh Serekissoon another past South African intern who trained me and ensured I understood everything and I learned the menu quickly. I must admit some days were challenging especially when it was busy when I had to make sure that all orders were done on time and ensuring that I keep my station clean. Also the long hours brought a smile on my face when I received my pay check, even though it was hectic and tiring at times but i have tremendously enjoyed doing my work with so much love and dedication.

My Eagerness to learn and determination propelled me in being able to work under-pressure in completing all my tasks and being able to work alone as well as in a team. I have been able to make sure that I am always early for work.

These are some of the dishes I made for Room service orders and Hotel Bar.

I also enjoyed the trip to Denver where I saw the Red Rocks Amphitheater and Red Rocks Park I had a great time there

My stay so far in Colorado Springs has been a pleasant one thanks to Mr Blair Sawyer and Mrs Joan Sawyer who always invited us for dinner at their home.Taking us for shopping trips and making sure we felt at home while here in America. I am forever thankful to them.

I am proud to say I have enjoyed working at The Broadmoor Hotel located in the Rocky mountains of Colorado Springs. The place is so enchantingly beautiful within and outside the premises are well maintained and you see well manicured lawns, and beautiful trees and flowers.

My Journey has been a splendid one thus far even though I miss home but I wouldn’t trade my experience at The Broadmoor Hotel for anything.

Kind Regards

Nomcebo Pearl Mkhize

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