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Welcome to Awesome Work & Travel

So you are lost, confused and have no idea about what you want to do. All you know is that right now you want to explore the world!

Travelling is an adventure, it always sparks a fire and creates an energy that lights up smiles everywhere and powers lasting memories of far off adventures. For some the dream is working in a ski resort and ripping up fresh powder, for others it is about making a guests stay memorable, seeing a campers eyes light up with joy as they get up out of the water for the very first time water skiing, for others it is about receiving world class training at a luxury 5 star hotel or simply looking to broaden your horizons and see how the other half live!

You are looking into options about working abroad or you might want to even take a gap year. Go no further, keep on reading because we have the solution for you.

We offer a number of AWESOME programs and we can guide you through the entire process step by step.

News around the World


Omni Mount Washinton

A Happy AwesomeTravelr ( Stevens Matlala) who just returned from doing a culinary internship at Omni Mount...

New Zealand job promotion

One of our AwesomeTravelr's (Patricia Chaka) we sent to New Zealand is doing very well and has been promoted twice! She...
African Students @ Work in Mauritius - October 2015 (Alumno Astralis) (13)

Work & Travel Mauritius

Here is some photos of our Awesometravelers( Kapembwe Kapambwa, Pauline Rumsey and Lisa Hubbard) we sent to Mauritius...